The Sports Bra

Ethan Chambers

The Sports Bra located in Portland, Oregon is finally the first all women’s sports bar dedicated to empowering women in the field of sports. Every day all day the bar only plays sports played by women. Whether it’s softball, basketball, or soccer, not a single man is shown on the TV. And if there are no women’s sports on, the TVs are completely turned off and music is played. Owned by Jenny Nguyen, she says that “The Bra will be more than just a place to view women’s sports. It gives people a space to be together and celebrate. It can start with the viewing, and then expand to how that could grow into a larger movement.” The idea came to Nguyen after watching an NCAA women’s championship game at a bar but on the tiniest television in the back corner. Repulsed by the idea of limiting when and where women’s sports are played on the TVJenny decided to take action into her own hands. Thus The Sports Bra was created.