Eagles Win Streak Ends 8-1


James Muller

The Philadelphia Eagles have lost their mojo after losing to the Washington Commanders. The Eagles were 8-0 before the game. Many fans were confident that the Eagles would be able to beat the Commanders who were 4-5 having an average of wins below .500 and being the worst team in their division. Eagles fans believe the referees didn’t call certain penalties that were very clearly shown in the replays of the game. On top of supposed bad calls by referees, the Eagles defense just couldn’t hold against the Commanders run game. Injuries could’ve played a part in the Eagles loss however for the most part the Eagles should’ve had the upper hand being the number one team in their division plus they even had home field advantage. Near the end of the fourth quarter, the Washington Commanders chewed the clock as much as they could up until there were eleven seconds left on the clock. Then the ball got punted by the commanders on fourth down and the eagles had only 5 seconds left by then. At this point the game was still very close with Washington winning 26-21 but then Jalen Hurts threw his last shot at possibly winning which wound up turning into an interception and touchdown for the Commanders and this was the final nail in the coffin for this game with an end result of 32-21.