Phillies Spring Training


James Muller

The Philadelphia Phillies are just days away from their first spring training game of the season. The 2023 season looks promising with an amazing offseason picking up key position players and pitchers. However it is notorious that some of the players will have a long warmup to the season such as Alec Bohm, who last year had 52 At-Bats and only scored 10 runs in April. Many Phillies fans are hyped for Trea Turner since he is the second fastest shortstop having 30.3 feet per second, just under Bobby Witt Jr. who has 30.4 feet per second which is still astoundingly fast, no question about that. Nobody can forget about our sluggers who may not be so fast but are just as intimidating at the plate such as Kyle Shwarber, Bryce Harper, and J.T. Realmuto, who all hit between 18-46 home runs in the last season. Even at the end of the day, defense makes the best offense and our pitching looks amazing this year with a starting rotation of Aaron Nola, Zack Wheeler, Taijuan Walker, Ranger Suarez, and Bailey Falter, who all have an Earned Run Average (ERA) between 2.82 Р3.86. With the way that the owners of the Phillies have made their choices lately, there’s a good chance we might go to The World Series again this year.