March Madness


James Muller

March Madness is right around the corner and many people anticipate who will win. March Madness is a long awaited occasion when 68 teams go head to head for 7 rounds until they become the final 4 which is called the penultimate round. March Madness goes as far back as to 1939 but the term didn’t catch on until the early 1980’s. March Madness is split into 4 regions, East, West, South, and The Midwest. Some teams with winning potential would be Houston, UCLA, Kansas, Alabama, and Purdue. Those teams are among the top 5. Even teachers at Pottsgrove are planning their March Madness bracket predictions. However, even as great as the top teams are, there could be a sleeper team that nobody expects. First, everyone has to wait until Selection Sunday which is when the NCAA picks out the 68 teams and at that point everyone can use their brackets to predict who will beat who and who will lose to who.