New Rules In The Next MLB Season 23′


JT Muller

As most people remember the MLB had a lockout during spring training back in the 2022 season. With the agreements of the players salaries going up we have some new changes on the field. For example, one of the new rules that will be coming into play is a pitch clock. This will be introduced in order to make games end faster and keep things running smoothly. Another rule that will be introduced is bigger bases, this change only makes the bases 3 inches bigger but makes a huge difference for the players, this will give the players more room to get on base which will be safer. Lastly there will be a restriction for infielders meaning that infield shifting will become illegal. For people who don’t quite understand what an infield shift is, it basically means when you order all your infielders to move closer or farther from the plate than where they’d normally be in order to get a quick out from getting to the ball faster. These changes should make the game more entertaining for the people watching, increase safety awareness for the players, and to keep the games from lasting over 2 hours.