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About Us

Welcome to the Pottsgrove High School online newspaper. The authors of this newspaper include a mix of Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors. This section introduces everyone who is a part of this newspaper. The students work hard to make sure that the news is up-to-date and entertaining. Below, you will meet the amazing members of the Pottsgrove Falcons.

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Jess Hartley: Jess is a dedicated student who also enjoys dancing competitively, working, and showing school spirit!

Bella Nagy: Bella loves to write, listen to music, and hang out with friends.

Ellie Sheller: Ellie loves to watch movies, read, listen to music, go to the city, and hangout with friends.

Haley Trump: Haley enjoys reading, music, and making artwork especially painting.


Katie Raggazino: Katie likes field hockey, track, and to hangout with friends.

Justin Strichik: Justin enjoys playing sports and likes learning new things at school and at work.


Mackenzie Gray: Mackenzie likes field hockey, softball, and going to new places with friends.

Jade Kazmierczak: Jade likes to play volleyball and hangout with friends.

James (J.T.) Muller: J.T. likes to watch and play baseball, listen to all kinds of music, and study American History.

Gisella Ramos: Gisella loves to read, dance Latin dances, watch movies, and enjoys singing.

Shea Reisman: Shea likes to ride his bike and hangout with close friends.

Delaney Rice: Delaney likes to read and enjoys being with friends. She plays softball and field hockey in and outside of school.

Lauren Vaughan: Lauren likes to read, volunteer, and listen to music. She also does track, XC, and soccer.

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