Mom Isolates Child in the Trunk with Covid

Logan Godshall

Unfortunately, Covid is still upon us. Covid has ripped families apart and seems to not be going anywhere anytime soon. With new variants coming into play, that’s not helping the situation. With this, people around the world do crazy things that others can’t wrap their minds around. We all want to do what we can to not get the virus but some people out there definitely take their mental health out of the situation and do anything to put themself and only themselves at less risk. As everyone is and should be precocious, some people out there are taking it way too far and doing things so unbelievable that if someone told you, you would have to take a little bit to process what they said. Take Sarah Beam as an example. According to the Harris County District Attorney’s Office which I got from CNN, Sarah’s thirteen year old son was exposed to Covid. She then decided to put her son in her trunk on the way to get him “additional testing” so that she wouldn’t get exposed as well as him. With doing so, Sarah was charged with endangering a child. They opened her trunk to find her son lying down. They simply told her that he would not be tested until she took him from the trunk and placed in the back seat of the car. As CNN expressed, Beam was released from custody with a $1,500 bond. According to The Washington Post, Sarah is a teacher at Cypress Falls High School and because of the situation, she is on administrative leave. 

Daily, no one really thinks about the crazy things some people will do just to save themselves from Covid, even if someone they love is going through it.