Dreams In Gold Tour: Greta Van Fleet

Delaney Rice

Greta Van Fleet is a new age rock band originating in Frankenmuth, Michigan  consisting of the Kiska brothers and their childhood friend, Danny Wagner. Josh Kiska, the lead vocalist, Jake Kiska, the guitarist, Sam Kiska, bass and keyboard and Danny Wagner on the drums. Greta Van Fleet first formed in 2012 and released their debut single Highway Tune in 2017 that topped the Billboard U.S. Mainstream Rock charts. Since then Greta Van Fleet has released the following albums, From the Fires, Anthem of the Peaceful Army, and Battle at Gardens Gate in the past five years. Greta van fleet has won multiple awards including Best New Artist and Best New Rock album in 2017 and on Spotify they have over three and a half million monthly listeners not including other streaming services. Even though Greta Van Fleet has been around for the past almost five years, recently they are gaining popularity especially with their new Dreams in Gold Tour soon arriving in early 2022.

Greta van fleet announced their tour dates and opened ticket sales in early November, since then, tickets at multiple locations are sold out. The band decided to kick off their tour with several concerts in their home state of Michigan. Their other concerts are located in the Northeast United states and they even have some in France, Britain, Germany and more! Greta Van Fleet is hosting a concert at the Giant center right here in Pennsylvania on March 30th 2022. Their tickets are selling out pretty quick so if you would like to join the Peaceful Army I would suggest snagging those tickets while you still can!