New Album Alert?

Jotella Opokwu

Steve Lacy has surprised us with wonderful albums such as “Apollo XXI,” which was released in 2019, “The Lo-Fis,” which was released in 2020, & “Steve Lacy’s Demo,” released in 2017. Most people recognize him from one of his popular songs that trended on Tiktok called “Dark Red.” However, what if I told you that a new, possible album could be coming out soon from him? Exciting right?!

On February 17, 2022, the 23-year-old artist made a very interesting Instagram post and caption. The posts’ caption says, “Album on the way (arrow, soon underneath) tap in.” The specific instagram post shows Steve in a recording studio. He has also been shown teasing his fans with snippets of his upcoming album on his Instagram lives! Instagram user, Calvin Harris, states that they are “So ready for this.” Another user, Murdock5918, says that this will be the “Album of the year.” 

We’ve seen Steve Lacy being featured on artists songs such as Ravyn Lenae’s “Skin Tight” single made in early February, which was stated on He has also collabed with Kali Uchis in the song “Just A Stranger.” He did as well make some features with Tyler, The Creator, and Solange!  However, isn’t it great that we are getting a single album from him after 2 years? I definitely know that many of his fans are excited for this new release, including myself!