Interviewing A Ten Year Violinist

One of Pottsgrove’s very own seniors, Heaven Singleton, has been in Orchestra and playing the Violin for the past ten years. Through years of progress, Heaven explains the struggles as well as the joys that come along with being a musician. To learn more about her musical journey- I decided to interview Heaven and learn more about her voyage through music. 


  1. What got you into learning violin? 
  1. “I went to an assembly at school where the speaker was talking about playing the Violin, and it really inspired me to want to do it.” 
  1. Was there any point in time where you wanted to quit violin? If so, what stopped you from quitting?
  1. “I always wanted to quit because it was hard, and I couldn’t find time to do it- but the environment and family atmosphere I have with the members of Orchestra stopped me from quitting. Plus Mr.Einhorn is an amazing teacher, but if he quits i quit haha” 
  1. If there was one place that you had the opportunity to perform in, where would it be?
  1. “The Kimmel Center, because The Orchestra goes every year to watch the Philadelphia Orchestra perform there- and it would be a dream to perform there.”
  1. If you had the chance to see one violinist perform, who would it be?” 
  1. “A young girl, Alma Deutscher, a musical genius, Mr. Einhorn showed us a video of her playing the piano at a young age and making up songs with just so much ease. She has been playing Mozart since childhood, so it would be a pretty cool experience to just watch her do it in person”


Music can be a huge passion for many students at Pottsgrove- and making an impact on others through beautiful music is the intention of our artists.