Spring Chorus Concert

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On May 5th, Pottsgrove High School and Middle school performed their annual spring concert. Accompanied by the amazing directors work from Ms. Prasch as the highschool choral director and Ms. Trout, the middle school choral director, these students put on an incredible performance. The middle school show choir performed a well known 1980s hit, “Footloose” which made the crowd go wild. As well as the highschool chamber choir performing “Over the Rainbow” and the men’s show choir performing “Barbara Ann.” Although this is the seniors last highschool performance, it was an honor to be surprised by their original choir director, Mrs. Fritshaffer conducted their last song, “Amani” as the seniors stood together and sang one last time with the ensemble. A huge thank you to all who came out and supported the Pottsgrove Spring Choral concert of 2023, and a final goodbye to the amazing seniors!