Wetlands Institute Field Trip

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On Thursday, May 25, the Genetics, Immunology, and Marine Biology class will be taking a field trip to a wetlands institute in Virginia. The trip will not only be educational for the students, it will also be fun. First, the students will test water and soil samples and learn about the environmental impact that they have. Next, they get to look at plants, crabs, and fish in the marsh and can try to catch them in a creek. Then, the students get to go through one of the only  maritime forests left in America, before getting free time on a beach. After enjoying their time on the beach, the students will then get to go to Cape May County Zoo and look at all the animals that live there. 

The students in the Genetics, Immunology, and Marine Biology class are excited and have been waiting to go on this trip all year. Their efforts at the coffee house supported this trip, and they finally will get to enjoy it. This trip seems like it will be a fun way for the students to learn while taking a break from an ordinary classroom.