Pottsgrove’s Boys Tennis Team Makes Districts

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On Thursday, April 27th, two of Pottsgrove’s doubles teams competed in the PAC tournament. Our players were Matthew Walmsley and Nathan Kratz at first, and Declan Tabor and Harry Grant at second. After everyone arrived and the courts were dried off, the tournament began. For the first match, Matthew and Nathan went against Pottstown’s number one team, and Harry and Declan went against Pottstown’s second team. Both of the Pottsgrove teams won. With Harry and Declan having a score of 10 – 3 and Matthew and Nathan having a score of 10 – 6. Once they finished, they had a 15-minute break before playing against Methacton, the best school in the league. Against Methacton, both of our teams lost 2 – 10. 

After winning one game and losing another, we ended up tied in games with PJP and had to go against them to determine who would go to districts. We could only have one team represent us, so our two doubles teams played against each other to determine who would go and who wouldn’t. Both teams fought hard, but Declan and Harry won and then had to play against PJP’s team. The game that followed was very even and very close. The teams played an 8 game, pro-set (first to 8 games but there is no deuce point). The score ended up being 8 – 8, and the teams went into a 7 point tiebreaker. At the end of the tie breaker, Harry and Declan managed to get a win: 7 – 4. This means that Declan and Harry will be competing together in Districts on Friday, May 12.