Boys Tennis Senior Night

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On April 14, the boys tennis team had their senior night at a home match against Upper Perkiomen. The seniors who were being represented were Declan Tabor and Kavon Chinn. Both of them have been playing tennis for several years of high school. Before the matches began, a ceremony was held for the players where they walked with their parents and the athletic department read out their special memories and what they want to do after high school. Kavon’s special memory from tennis was, “watching Justin Strichik’s knee dislocate last year.”

Declan’s special memory was, “going to Shady Maple and taking “G.Ps with the team.”

After this year, Declan and Kavon will likely continue to play tennis recreationally while attending college.

When the match began, Declan played at first doubles with a freshman named Bryce Kemps and Kavon played at fourth doubles with a junior named Paul Fabian. Both of the seniors won their matches, with Declan having a score of 6-1, 6-1 and Kavon winning 6-1,6-0. Overall, the team won that match with a score of 5 – 2. With 4 matches and the PAC doubles tournament to go, these seniors will continue playing hard and trying to win.