Super Bowl

Katelyn Hopkins

It’s the time of year that football fans from all over join together to watch who will win the ultimate competition of being Super Bowl champions. This year it is the 49ers versus the Chiefs. A lot of people are predicting that the 49ers are going to take the win this year. This season the 49ers have won 13 games and lost 3 games. The Chiefs won 12 games this year, and have lost 4 games this season. The 49ers have been in 5 different Super Bowl games, and the Chiefs have been in only 2 Super Bowls, but haven’t been to one in 50 years. 

With the records of both of these teams it is why people are justifying that the 49ers will take the victory. However, just because the Chiefs seem like the underdogs in this situation, they could still take the win. Sometimes the Super Bowl results in a lot of screaming and celebration, this year it will probably result in both and people giving money to others for bets they might have made.