Options For Art Students

Jocelyn Ball, writer

At Pottsgrove High School, there are multiple programs for art that are open to students in all grades. Between Ceramics, Drawing, Painting, and many more- students have the direct opportunity to decide if art is something they would want to pursue throughout their lives. Art is a full year course worth half of a credit. 

While the opportunity for students at school still stands, there are classes through the Western Montgomery Career and Technology Center. The Freshman class visited the center in December, and we toured the art room which was all graphic design and computer technology units which could also direct students in the path of art. 

Through the courses provided, students are given chances to expand their loves and possible future passion for art. 

Seniors however have a separate possibility to scope out college courses also for art; such as the Montgomery County Community College in Pottstown. Work with respected artists while you improve your artistic skills and build a professional visual

arts portfolio in our Fine Art A.F.A. program.” – Montgomery County Community College Staff. For all students there is also a Pride B club option for art as well. Pottsgrove High School is a big influence in many students lives and their careers.