Tucker Carlson

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October 26, 2023

Fox news Republican reporter Tucker Carlson has been released by the Fox news team in late april. Although the reasoning isn’t completely official, Carlson has been the subject of multiple embarrassing stories while being an employee at Fox news. Some of the messages or statements he made privately while also working at Fox began to publicize and marked the beginning of the end of his time with the network. Carlson has been known for saying some questionable things during his career, on and off the camera. One of his most recent statements was that whites are being ‘replaced’ in the workplace by people of color. On January 7th, 2021, the day after Trump supporters stormed the capitol building, Carlson sent an angry message to a reporter stressing that multiple Trump supporters jumped an Antifa member and that “it’s not how white men fight”. This statement Carlson made led to a court case with Dominion, which led to Fox settling to pay them $787.5 million dollars. This message combined with the other things Carlson has said is most likely the reason he has been let go by Fox. 


In the full text sent by Carlson, he also stated that he at one point wished the ‘Antifa member’ was hit harder or even killed. This, for obvious reasons, alarmed the Fox news team. Again, this text along with other odd statements and messages led to the end of his time with the network. Carlson has also had a handful of misogynistic messages and statements about his coworkers and other women in his life, which were mistakenly publicized. Within the past couple of weeks, an anti-Fox watchdog called “Media Matters for America” has been recording the things Carlson says off broadcast. In one of these recordings, you can hear Carlson having a conversation with Piers Morgan, another republican reporter. In this conversation, Carlson is talking about a woman, and makes the remark that “she looked kind of yummy”. Carlson obviously didn’t know he was being recorded, so there were multiple other weird things that the recording caught him saying. It is unsure whether Carlson will ever broadcast on live TV again.