Tick Season

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May 30, 2023

After having a light winter scientists believe that the tick population may have gone up. Ticks are  small bugs (Parasites) that bite warm-blooded animals with their two sets of hooks, while they use a numbing chemical in their saliva as they suck blood into their body. Sometimes a tick bite can transmit diseases such as Lyme disease which is the most commonly known. Lyme Disease causes fatigue, fever, and constant headaches and if not treated early could spread farther into the body. In small cases it can even be life-threatening but that is very rare to occur with medication that we have today. With warmer temperatures and early springs, the whole United States may see a larger incline of the tick population. Some tips to help keep ticks away would be to make sure that you wear bug spray, check for ticks after coming inside, and try to avoid tall grass or shrubbery.