Pottsgrove Baseball

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Covid in the USA
May 30, 2023

Pottsgrove baseball has launched with an amazing and healthy team. I interviewed one of the players on the team, who wishes to stay anonymous, on their predictions for the 2023 season. One of the questions I asked was were there any teams he would be worried about in the schedule? He responded with Boyertown, and Owen J Roberts, because both of those schools have been great for years. Another question I had asked was could Pottsgrove Baseball handle injuries if they were to occur?  He said that although they don’t want any injuries, if one were to occur then we have backups for each position. I then asked how he thinks people on his team or himself could improve. He said communication is key and definitely requires some work. He also replied saying the coaching is perfect as it is as each of them come with many years of experience. Pottsgrove baseball still has a long way to go but as of now they are stronger than ever.