Reading Factory Explosion


James Muller

A candy factory in Reading PA, has exploded killing at least 7 people and 8 injured. The cause is still unknown but the National Transportation Safety Board and federal investigators believe that the explosion had to do with natural gas. As a result, the NTSB is investigating the natural gas pipeline to check for corrosion and damage. Officials say that the final report could take up to 2 years to file. Even before the blast workers claimed that they had smelled natural gas however there had been no reports of a gas leak beforehand. 

Chocolate making can be very dangerous if done incorrectly. To start off, chocolate or cocoa is extremely flammable especially with starch which is how the molding process is done. According to former workers, the chocolate comes in on a truck, then they sit in a mold as they are heated in drums by natural gas. Naturally as this is occurring, dust from the chocolate goes into the air and if any of that dust comes into contact with any open flame, any and all chocolate in contact with the dust is vulnerable to become engulfed in flames. These days, chocolate companies must take the proper precautions to prevent any risk of fire or explosion from the dust. Hopefully there are no remaining victims left in the rubble but as time continues with the investigation there could unfortunately be more.