Girls Lax Win


Jade Kazmierczak

The girl’s lacrosse team won their first game against Daniel Boone High School. The game took place at Daniel Boone’s school on Tuesday, March 21st, and started at six o’clock. Daniel Boone scored the first goal and took the lead. The girls played great defense and got the ball back, and Cece Hires scored Pottsgrove’s first goal of the game. By halftime the score was 5-3. The girls kept fighting and playing hard, and by the time the game buzzer went off the score was tied 7-7. The girls had a five-minute break before going into overtime, and the next team to score would win. The draw went and Daniel Boone got the ball, but the Grove girls played great defense, got the ball back, and then went on the offensive. While Taylor Fiorini had the ball, she got fouled. She had an 8-meter shot and made it, causing the Pottsgrove girls to win in overtime with a score of 7-8.