Pottsgrove Softball Team Starts Off the Season Strong


Mackenzie Gray

The Pottsgrove softball team starts off the season strong with a record of 2-0. The team started their winning streak when they played Kennett High School for their first scrimmage of the season on March 13th. The girls put up nine runs in total and only allowed one run. Mikayla Eckman hit two homeruns and many of the other girls contributed with singles and doubles to run up the score. With this leadway, the girls confidently showed up to their first game at their home field against Daniel Boone Area. The whole team worked together to rack up 17 runs and shutout Daniel Boone. It was Avery Gleason’s turn to hit a homerun this game. Not only was this an out-of-the-park homerun, but it was also a grandslam. What a great start to the season! The girls then played Wyomissing Area High School for their second game, which was their first away game, and came back with another win. The girls produced seven runs and only gave up three. Mikayla Eckman was on the mound tricking batters with her change up and Bailey Pysher was behind the plate, calling the game. Avery Gleason also dominated at the plate with a memorable in-the-park homerun. Another memorable moment in the game was when Lizzie Mcallister turned a double play off a bunt that popped up into the air. The girls have demonstrated that they can shine offensively and defensively, and they are looking forward to a great season.

The softball team is constantly cheering each other on, and their results reflect the amount of work that they put in. When asked about how they think the season is going so far, Delaney Rice, sophomore, and Emily Dougherty, senior, both commented on the team’s ability to work together. More specifically, Dougherty stated, “So far, the season has been great. We are winning as a unit and working as a unit. We have strong power hitters and great fielding skills. We have a great season ahead of us and I know we are all excited for the turnout!” Rice then added, “Our energy, friendship, and ability to work as a team really help us to keep our heads up and work as hard as we can. I think we are going to have a great, productive season with lots of wins!” Both girls raved about the team’s ability to work together, so if you want to see them in action, come watch one of the Pottsgrove softball team’s games. Click here for a link to their schedule.