Different Genres of Music at Pottsgrove


Shea Reisman

An anonymous survey was conducted to find out students and staff’s favorite kinds of music, as well as their least favorite kind of music and the music their best friend listens to the most. This survey was sent out to 133 people total. Of the 133, 26% were staff while the remaining 74% were students. Of the 74% of students, 35% were freshmen, 29% were juniors, 5% were seniors, and 4% were sophomores. Of the 133 responses, 24% chose Rap/Hip-Hop as their favorite music genre. Also, about 52% said that their least listened to is Metal/Heavy Metal. Now, let’s go more in depth of the percentages.


Of the 35 staff members that took part in the survey, 26% chose Alternative Rock as their favorite genre. 20% chose Rap/Hip-Hop as their favorite, and 20% chose Country as their favorite. This is surprising to me because I did not expect this many people to be Country music fans. Of the various artist names given, Taylor Swift seemed to be the most popular, at 37%, While Rihanna was one of the least popular, at about 8%. Of the albums listed, 31% chose that they didn’t like any of the albums listed. There were two Taylor Swift albums listed. With those two combined, 37% of staff chose a Taylor Swift album as their favorite. For the students, over half of the choices for their favorite artist was The Weeknd, at 53%. Meanwhile, Deftones had a surprising 6% of students’ choices. About 30% of students chose Rap/Hip-Hop as their favorite genre, and about 23% chose Pop. Overall, it was very interesting to see different people’s music opinions. I believe that people should more often try to widen their music taste, and give other genres a chance.