No More Snow Days?

Delaney Rice

Recently the weather has been unusually warm for this time of year and many miss the white winter wonderland that we wake up to. Growing up and hearing the news of a snow day is a great feeling. Going outside to build snow forts, go sledding, or make snowmen is a childhood memory that I will never forget, but some of the younger children may never experience a winter like this due to the uprise in global warming. 

Winters are rapidly becoming warmer and shorter and snowfall is very limited. According to, the average temperature during winter has risen 3-5 degrees farenheit over the last 50 years. Although we still have some snowfall here and there it will not be enough to decrease global warming or give children a chance to make some winter memories. Whereas, this past Thursday we did have a “snow” day, but really that was only because the roads were icy and slippery- not because we woke up to fluffy white snow. There were some flurries that when they hit the ground, turned right to ice. Last winter, Philadelphia and surrounding areas only averaged about 5 inches of snow and is expected to decrease as the years go on. Although the not so fun parts of winter will most likely continue, such as frosty windows, icy roads, and slush on the ground, there will most likely not be much of that fluffy white snow that we enjoy. This year it seems like it’s going to be a Green Christmas.

While some school districts up in northern Pennsylvania have seen some snow, unfortunately for us we have not seen much and we aren’t expected to see much more. Unfortunately the elementary schoolers may not get to build snowmen or ride a sled this year but hopefully get to experience some other holiday traditions.