Lacrosse Girls Bigs and Littles


Jade Kazmierczak

As the Lacrosse season starts for the girls there are twenty two girls playing. And two managers being senior Riley Kalejta and junior Paige Young. Something the team likes to do every year is “bigs” and “littles”. There are six seniors playing being Cece Burgh, Leah Hess, Ava Bond, Lily Guerrette, Laya Srour, and Dom Parkins. These seniors will be the “bigs” for the “littles” which are the underclassmen on the team. What the seniors do is buy a snack and drink for their “littles” and then the underclassmen buy a drink and snack for their “big.” This is done before every game. What they also do with the “bigs” and “littles” is to warm up in a shuttle with each other before games. Why the team does this is to make the team closer and share what they like. It’s to help build a closer relationship with their teammates and to get ready for a great game.