Coach Predictions for Boys Tennis


Justin Strichik

Although it may be hard to believe, spring sports are starting in less than 3 weeks. Since they are starting so soon, we asked the tennis coach questions about this year’s team. The team last year was composed mainly of seniors, so it will be interesting to see how the coach will react to losing such a large number of players.


When asked, “How well do you think this year’s team will do compared to last year?”

Coach Rambo responded: “I am excited about the potential for this year’s team.  Last year we graduated three guys who were some of the very best players in the PAC 10, so that hurts, but we have plenty of guys returning who seem ready to fill their shoes.”


“Do you think the team will be hindered since many players graduated last year?” 

We lost 6 seniors who were all varsity, which definitely hurts.  However, I have been so impressed with the growth shown by our returning players, and many of our guys have done a great job recruiting friends as new members of the team.”


“How many new players are you expecting this season?” 

I have somewhere around 10 new people who have expressed interest in joining this year’s team.”


“Who do you think the key players of this year’s team will be?” 

“Senior, Declan Tabor. Juniors, Evyn Brogley and Harrison Grant”


Overall, coach Rambo seems confident in this year’s team. Despite losing many great players last year, this season looks promising.