Senior Sabotage


Jess Hartley

As you may know, Pottsgrove Senior Sabotage started last week and with it a sheet of suspicion and paranoia has covered the Class of 2023. Senior Sabotage is a tradition at Pottsgrove, as well as many other high schools around the globe, where seniors are randomly paired up to storm  each other with a bombardment of silly string. These playful attacks take place outside of school, sports practices, and work- otherwise it’s free game. With these conditions, seniors are advised to “keep their head on a swivel” to avoid being eliminated from the round. Each round is one school week long. If you’re playing, you must bombard your assigned target before the end of the round or you get eliminated— even if you aren’t eliminated yourself. This prevents some players from coasting through the game without much participation. If you are an underclassmen looking forward to your senior year’s Senior Sabotage experience, be sure to follow @seniorassassin23_pg on Instagram for more information as well as the videos of the eliminations!