Pottsgrove Movie Survey Results


Bella Nagy

In order to learn more about the pop culture section of The Falcon newspaper, a survey was conducted asking about their movie interests. 46% of students that participated are juniors, 31% are freshmen, 17% are seniors, and 6% are sophomores. The eight question survey was taken by 81 Pottsgrove students asking what they like to see in movies.

The first question asked what their favorite genre in movies was and the results were very expected. Out of the 9 options, horror movies are the most popular with 26%. The least commonly liked option was historical movies with only 1%. The next question was asking their favorite place to watch movies, and over half of students chose watching at home rather than the movie theater. The majority of students also use streaming services to access the movies they watch. While most students use streaming services to watch movies, 63% said they occasionally go to the movie theater. The survey also asked what movie theater students go to most often, and 56% of students choose AMC, while the Movie Tavern only had 7%. Out of the options listed, AMC is the closest to Pottsgrove and Movie Tavern is the farthest, so these results were highly anticipated.

The rest of our questions were focusing on why students enjoy the movies they watch. Students were asked for the main reason they wanted to watch certain movies and 28% watch because of the trailers. 16% choose to watch based on the cast of the movie. They were also asked the most important element in movies, to see what kept them interested in the movies, and the results were unexpected. 32% of students said that the characters were the most important element for them. Only 11% chose the production studio and cinematic effect, which I expected to be the least. The survey also asked if students kept up with upcoming movies, and 69% said only sometimes and 30% said that they do keep up with movies.

I created this survey as a way to learn more about what students would like to see written about for pop culture and the results were helpful. Since horror and comedy movies are the most liked among students, we should include more articles about these types of films. Many students also said they occasionally keep up with upcoming movies, so we could create a way to give students a list of movies coming out. We could include a section in pop culture that has upcoming movies that we update monthly. Overall, this survey has helped us better our newspaper and understand what students want to see.