National Day of Hate


Shea Reisman

An anti-semetic group based in Iowa has officially declared Saturday, February 25, a “day of hate”. Police departments in major cities have issued alerts regarding Jewish communities and institutions. Neo-Nazi groups on social media are reportedly calling upon their followers to join them in vandalism and anti semitic propaganda on Saturday. Recently, even before Saturday, there has been an increase in Jewish hate in America. Just a few weeks ago, there was an attack on a Jewish synagogue in San Francisco. A man walked into the synagogue and fired several rounds at the rabbis and synagogue members. This synagogue serves mostly Russian-speaking Jews, so little information was received on this event.

David Goldenberg, a regional director of the Anti-Defamation League(ADL), stated that there has in fact been an increase in white supremacist and extremist groups in America, and they’re now starting to popularize dedicated “days of action”. In 2022, 38 of the 202 hate crimes reported in Chicago were against Jewish people. Which rates anti semitic second in hate crimes, behind anti-Black hate crimes. Last week, two Jewish men were shot unexpectedly in Los Angeles. This week, there have been anti semitic protests outside of a Broadway show, preview titled Parade. This play is about the lynching of an innocent Jewish man. The protests surrounding this play have been linked to the national “Day of Hate”, created by white supremacy in the Midwest.