Black History Month Presentations


Jess Hartley

As you may have heard in one of your social studies classes over the past week, the Diversity Council along with the Student Council are collaborating to hold a contest to commemorate underrepresented black figures in history. This contest deliberately excludes some prominent black figures, such as Martin Luther King JR, Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, ect- and for good reason! These figures are not to be included in submissions to the contest with intentions of bringing light to black figures who have not been discussed in the public sphere as often as they deserve to be. These limitations are not meant to diminish the accomplishments of some of the most important individuals to history, but rather to advance understanding of the significant contributions made by black figures that you may have never heard of.

The presentation of these projects are designed to showcase artistry and creativity while still being informative and respectful. Project ideas to be considered may include poetry, artwork, essays, songs, and more! The possibilities for this contest are endless. 

If you do decide to participate (which you should), you should be aware of the potential prizes that you could win! 1st place receives a $100 gift card, 2nd place receives a $75 gift card, and 3rd place receives a $50 gift card. Considering the importance and relevance of the contest, these prizes, along with your own personal satisfaction of bringing light to under-represented black figures in history, should be more than enough motivation to create and submit your projects by February 28th! If you have any questions, please contact Mrs Hayden, Nduati Michuki, or Machai Clark.