Coast Guard Returning Migrants Back to Their Home Country Off the Coast of Florida


Gisella Ramos

The US Coast Guard intercepted a boat carrying 309 Haitian migrants off of the coast of Florida and returned them back to their country. There were men, women and children on the boat. According to the US Coast Guard News, “Attempting to migrate by sea in a less than seaworthy vessel is not only illegal but also extremely dangerous.” Petty Officer 1st Class Nicole Groll, Coast Guard District Seven “The sea is unforgiving, and these voyages can cost you your life.” Once they are aboard a Coast Guard cutter they are given shelter, food and are medically treated.  


The US Coast Guard also recently intercepted a group of 177 Cuban and Haitian migrants off of the coast of Florida. 25 Haitian migrants were said to have swam ashore in Miami, says CBS News. Dozens on the boat were being processed by officials at sea, which would mean that they were returned home. The amount of migrant waves have spiked in recent months, according to CBS News, “The latest returns and landings came just after President Joe Biden’s administration began a new policy to start turning back Cubans, Haitians and Nicaraguans at the Texas border, along with Venezuelans, who arrive illegally.” The Coast Guard seem to expect many more migrants in the coming months as inflation soars and economic conditions worsen in their home countries.