After High School Survey Results

Delaney Rice

An anonymous 7 question survey was conducted asking students some questions relating to what their thoughts are about post-graduation. This survey was sent around  Pottsgrove High School and there were 93 respondents. Out of those 93 respondents, 29 were freshmen, 16 were sophomores, 34 were juniors, and 14 were seniors. 

Questions relating to what students want to do after highschool and how often they think about life after graduation were asked. As expected, half of the students who said they did not know what they wanted to do after highschool were freshmen, due to not having the time to explore their career options. Also, 13 out of 14 seniors said that they were planning on going to college. Sophomore and Junior responses were varied, most students said they planned to go to college or get a job, although a few students are thinking about taking a gap year or they don’t know yet. Surprisingly no respondents had thoughts of joining the military. Two questions were asked about if students are enrolled in the Western Center or ROTC and if they have a current job/internship related to what they want to do after highschool. A total of 12 students answered that they are enrolled in ROTC and 8 have a current job/internship relating to what they want to do, and the students that said yes to those questions commonly answered that they think about their life after high school a lot and seem to be preparing for it. Another question was asked relating to how many courses students are taking relating to what they want to do after high school. On a scale from 1-9, 1 being they take no classes and 9 being they take all classes targeted towards post graduation, most students answered in the 3-7 range. The next question  asked if the students believe Pottsgrove offers enough class options to prepare us for our life after highschool. Students said yes, but to a certain extent. A common theme was that they believe if more attention and budget was put into them, it would be better. Another student said that they do think we have good courses but they don’t have the option to take them until they are a junior or a senior, stating it makes their two first years in highschool feel “pointless” because they are having trouble preparing themselves.

Out of all of the students that took the survey the results were quite expected, nothing too surprising came out of the survey. It reassured us that our students here at Pottsgrove are on track and think about their future quite frequently. We are excited to see what the future holds for our Pottsgrove students.