What is Color Day?


Justin Strichik

As we approach the midterms and get stressed out, remember that once they’re over, we get to have color day. For the incoming freshmen and anyone else who doesn’t know, color day is a special day where the grades compete against each other in all kinds of events. The day is filled with intense competition, respectful trash talking, and lots of chanting. On color day, each class acts as a team and cheers each other on. 

Color day starts with everyone going to their assigned rooms and getting ready for the exciting day. After that, everyone heads to the auditorium and hears speeches from seniors. Once that’s over, the grades split up and watch performances. While performances are taking place in the auditorium, other grades start the first event, and then they rotate. Also, you can sign up to perform if you so choose. Students can sing or dance, and there will likely be a juggling performance as well. To anyone thinking about performing, Matthew Walmsley, who performed last year as a sophomore, says, “The audience is on your side and will encourage you, so don’t be afraid to get up there and perform.” After watching and hearing students perform, everyone enters the gymnasium, and the day really begins. Immediately, events will begin starting and everyone will start cheering and screaming. Most students stay in the gym and watch the events in there, but other events will take place throughout the school at different times, so make sure to view the ones you want to see. 

Also, you can participate! Sign-ups are available this week on your class advisor’s door, so make sure to stop by whenever you can and sign yourself up. The only restrictions this year are that you can’t sign up a friend, and that one person can’t participate in more than 5 events. The events range from things like basketball and pushups to rubik’s cube solving and a spelling bee, so there are events for everyone. If you want to sign up for something, don’t wait. The sign ups work as first come, first serve, so get your name on there before the events fill up. The only thing is, if you sign up for an event, you compete in that event. Don’t sign up for something and then back out of it when color day comes around. 

Overall, color day is a very fun day where everyone cheers their grade on and tries their best to win. You can have fun by participating in the events, or just watching them and cheering your friends on. As someone who didn’t participate in anything last year, I still had fun watching my friends compete and cheering them on. One of my favorite experiences from last year was watching the Rubik’s cube competition and seeing how fast everyone was. So even if you don’t want to compete in anything, I’m certain that you’ll still have fun. And here’s an announcement to the freshmen: the upperclassmen will probably intimidate you but make sure that you retaliate and get in on the trash talking as well!