Highlight on Madison Simpson!

Highlight on Madison Simpson!

Gisella Ramos

Artist Highlight: Madison Simpson

Here at The Falcon, we had the opportunity to interview Madison Simpson, an artist, at Pottsgrove Senior High School, about her passion for art. Below are her answers to the several questions she was asked during her interview. 

What was your favorite assignment so far? What is it about?

“My favorite assignment so far has been the Fragmented portrait project that I’m currently working on. I think it leaves open a lot of freedom for what you want to create, and I always enjoy mixed media projects.”

Rate an art piece from 1-10

“This is a drawing I did for someone. I’d rate it a 9/10. I really enjoyed drawing it and I love how the pose came out, that’s probably my favorite part of it. I also really like how the face came out. If it had more going on with the background I probably would’ve given it a 10. 

Who’s your favorite artist? What do you like about their art?

“My favorite artist is Douglas Holgate. I love how fluid the poses are and I just love the way the lineart looks. I based a lot of my own style off of his.”

Do you think you’re a good artist? Why?

“I would say I am a good artist, because I have a lot of fun with my artwork, and because I experiment and practice very often.”

Have you always liked art? Why or why not?

“Yes, I’ve always loved to draw and doodle ever since I was little. My parents still have some of my old crayon scribbles and I still keep sketchbooks from years ago. I like it because it gives me a way to visually show the stories I keep in my head.”

What is your favorite style of art? Why?

“Cartooning is probably my favorite style of art because of how expressive you can be with it, and because I grew up watching mostly cartoons.”

What tool is your favorite to use so far? Pencil, brush, color pencil, charcoal, etc.

“I actually like using highlighters or markers to sketch. I feel like they make me feel more loose.”

What’s your reason for wanting to take an art class?

“I think art is fun and ideas usually come to me easily, so I think of them as a little break from everything else.”

What type of art class would you like to take in the future? Why?

“I want to take advanced 3d art. I really enjoyed working with clay in 3d last year and I’d like to try it again.”

Do you plan to have a career that is involved in the arts?

“I don’t plan on having it as a main career, as I’ve always wanted to work with animals. But I do want to do commissions on the side.”

Thank you, Madison, so much for letting the Falcon interview you and for answering all questions sincerely. 

Below are a couple of pieces Madison has worked on so far. 

Please stay tuned for more artist highlights!