Pottsgrove Swim team


Justin Strichik

Winter Sports have been going on, and before the season we wanted to see what the coach’s predictions were. Before the season, we asked Mr. Hughes, the swimming coach, how well he expects this year’s boys and girls teams to do compared to previous years and who he predicts will break school records or do exceptionally well.

His response was, “We have a really good girls team. We should have 2, possibly 3 relays, to qualify for districts as well as probably 3-4 individuals qualify in multiple events, which could lead to our first showing at states in a while. Kennedy Krock and Bayley Richard are two strong juniors that will do very well this year. We also have our largest senior class of girls that we have had in a while with Jaydan Dorris, Dominique Parkinson, Regina Greco, Megan and Tonya Stone, and Zoe Winterbottom. We have several freshmen girls, Elsa Lucas, Ava Reicher, and Oliva Chapman that are already competing at a high level. Last year the girls team had the most wins we have had in a very long time and this year they could possibly top that.” 

Our guys team is in a growing stage with only 7 guys with over half of them being their first year. Declan Keener, however, is a senior and will have his pick at what he wants to compete in at districts as he should make the consideration time in every event as he did last year. He also has a very good chance at making it to states as he just missed the cut last year.”

His response as to whether anyone may break school records was ,”There is one school record that could be broken this year and that is the 100 backstroke as Bayley Richards has the potential to break the current record.”

It seems like the swim team this year will do very well, and it will be interesting to see how well they do compared to what was expected. Hopefully the team puts in the effort and does well, since this year’s team could be one of the best in years!