The Last Whiz Kid Passes Away


JT Muller

Curt Simmons passed away in his home on Tuesday December 13, 2022 and is now known as the last Whiz Kid to pass away. For explanation, the 1950 Philadelphia Phillies had a very young roster averaging between ages 25-27, coining the nickname “Whiz Kids”. The team went on to win the NL Pennant but because Simmons was in the National Guard at the time, he was called to active duty right before the World Series. By the time he came back for the series he was ineligible to pitch because the pitching roster had to be submitted 3 days prior. The Phillies lost the 1950 World Series to the New York Yankees in a 4-0 sweep. Curt Simmons was a pitcher who wound up gaining 3 all star awards and even after he left the Phillies with an elbow surgery, he brought the St. Louis Cardinals to the 1964 NL Pennant, additionally winning the World Series against the Yankees in a 4-3 seven game series.In 1967 Simmons retired. Lastly, Curt Simmons would wind up in the hall of fame in 1993. In a notable mention, Hank Aaron stated that Simmons was one of the best fastball pitchers in the league.