Artist Highlight: Sophie Lapic

Gisella Ramos

Artist Sophie Lapic, a junior at Pottsgrove Senior High School, has given us the chance to interview her about her love for art. Below is a video of the interview and a couple of questions she answered off camera. 

What type of art class would you like to take in the future? Why?      

“Probably a digital art class or a mixed media class where I can use a variety of mediums like paint or clay. I don’t like sticking to just one thing and I love hands-on art. Taking a mixed media class allows a nice mish mash of new things to try and activities.”


What tool is your favorite to use so far? Pencil, brush, color pencil, charcoal, etc.

“In class I’ve enjoyed doing watercolor paint a lot because the colors mix nice and well. I also do a lot of digital art outside of class and lots of pencil doodles.”


What is your favorite style of art? Why? 

“Anything mystical looking or with nice colors is always a favorite. I love dark, ethereal landscapes or twisted creepy landscapes. Flowy, expressive, bright art is also awesome. Basically any interesting, grabbing art is super cool. Choosing one specific style is hard.”


Have you always liked art? Why or why not?

“I’ve definitely always enjoyed art. My brothers both do some forms of art and so do my other family members, so I was always doing some craft or drawing. I’ve definitely gone back and forth between mediums of art but I’ve always liked it. It’s amazing to be able to bring something to life or to show my love for something by creating a piece of art.”


Rate an art piece from 1-10 

“I’m going to rate my most recent piece, a sculpture I did of a kindergartener’s monster drawing. I named him Thursday and he’s a quality creation. He’s a solid 8/10 because he’s a little janky looking and didn’t come out quite as I wanted him to, but he’s sparkly and I love him.”


Thanks to Sophie for agreeing to this great interview! Below are a couple of art pieces Sophie has worked on so far. Stay tuned for more artist highlights!