Pottsgrove Students Go to ManorCare to Decorate for Christmas


Lauren Vaughan

The goal of Spark The Wave’s visit to ManorCare was to decorate the hospital for the holidays and create some smiles on patients’ faces, which definitely happened. The students set up five Christmas trees all around the hospital on each of the four floors. Isabella Kerlin (11), a member of Spark The Wave says, “Our help was needed because decorating takes time and they don’t necessarily have the extra hands to put towards decorating the entire place.” The students split up into groups, asking patients what they would like for Christmas and setting up decorations and trees for the holiday season. “I really enjoyed seeing each tree after it was done and knowing that the residents would be happy to see the holiday cheer, as well as being able to meet and talk to a couple of the residents and see how my contribution really made a difference.”

Member Jessalyn Ringstaff (11) comments, “My favorite part was having enough time to actually get to know some of the people staying there.” She helped walk around rooms 1 and 3 to ask the patients what they wanted for Christmas and decorate some of the trees. She vocalizes, “I would encourage people to participate because it’s really fun and it gives you the experience of seeing how things are in an environment like that [ManorCare].” Isabella agrees, “I think it’s really important to volunteer your time to help others. Doing so has definitely made a big difference in my life and I saw how much of an impact I made on others just by doing something small like putting up some Christmas trees or engaging in conversation.”

Not only did the students exceptionally delight patients, but the patients had a personal impact on them as well. If this inspires you in any way, there are many opportunities at PGHS to volunteer time to those in need and produce endless smiles! Spark The Wave is one of many, look for Lisa Smoyer on Schoology for more information and meeting times.