Trea Turner Comes To The Phillies!


James Muller

Philadelphia just saw the best west coast star shortstop, Trea Turner, signed with the Phillies. As of the last season, the Phillies became national league champions and went on to lose their final series. However, nobody expected the Phillies, who were a second wildcard team, to make it all the way to the World Series. This year, the team simply wants to keep improving to better their chances this season. So Dave Dombrowski, the president of the team made the decision to shell out $300 million for 11 years, which is good because we’ll have him for most of his career. He is an expensive yet very promising contract for the team, it may even make Trea Turner the final piece to the team that we need. As great as this deal is, the Phillies also need to work on their pitching since we lost Zach Eflin to the Tampa Bay Rays and Kyle Gibson signing with the Baltimore Orioles. So far this offseason, the future looks quite promising, and if the team can just work on pitching, we’ll have a solid team.