Eagles Back on Track


Jess Hartley

The Eagles are back on a roll after three consecutive wins following their devastating loss against the Washington Commanders. This past Sunday, our Eagles played the Tennessee Titans and won with a crushing 35-10 score. This win definitely helped boost our confidence for upcoming games. On December 11th, the Eagles play the infamous New York Giants, who are currently ranked #3 in the NFC East. With their win loss record of 7-4-1, it is possible that they pose a threat to the Eagles. However, with our strong defense and methodical RPO offense, Philadelphia sports fans are keeping their heads up high. A user on TikTok named “ThePhillySportsGuy” quoted at the end of the previous game, “That’s what the best team in the NFL does- we smack them around. Go birds! Giants, you’re next!” Stay tuned for more updates on our #1 team!