Black Friday!

Delaney Rice

The chaos of black friday is starting, and it being just a week away sales have been popping up in store and online. Black Friday is annually held on the Friday After Thanksgiving, this year it’s November 25th. It traditionally starts the beginning of the holiday shopping season to start off your spending with good deals and sales. 

Black Friday shopping can be so stressful so here are a few tips to take into consideration while doing your holiday shopping! A big one is to start your shopping now, most black friday deals start in October and as we creep up to the official day sales are popping up more and more so before the madness begins, start5 your shopping now. To avoid the big crowds and the long lines, shop online, you can get the same deals if not better ones without the hassle. Look at certain stores and do your research before you buy, you may find better deals at different stores for the same item. 

Choosing the correct and cheapest store is also a big part in the black Friday bargain shopping. Some stores with great deals this holiday season are Target, Walmart, Kohls, Big Lots and Amazon. A few of those have online deals too if you’d like to avoid that chaos.

Happy Holidays and Good luck during this season’s Black Friday shopping!