It Starts With Us by Colleen Hoover Breaks Records


Mackenzie Gray

Colleen Hoover’s new book, It Starts With Us, breaks records upon the first day of its release. According to Vulture, Hoover sold 800,000 copies of the book in just the first day, which are the type of numbers that keep whole businesses buoyant. These numbers also place It Starts With Us in a sales category that exceeds everything that has been issued this year. On top of this record-breaking achievement, It Starts With Us had the most pre-orders in publisher Simon & Schuster’s history.  

Hoover’s achievements do not come as a surprise because of the support she receives on BookTok. Her devout followers have helped some of her books inhabit seven of the top ten spots in this week’s New York Times Paperback Trade Fiction best-seller list. The number of books that Hoover sold boosts her popularity to that of Barack Obama’s, First Lady Michelle’s, and Stephanie Myer’s fame. Barack Obama’s A Promised Land sold 887,000 in its first day, while his wife sold about the same number of copies of her own memoir. The Twilight finale and Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Myer sold 1.3 million copies in its first day. After the book was issued, Hoover said on her Instagram, “Not even going to try to wrap my head around this.” She also stated, “Thanks to my coworkers, to @atriabooks and to everyone who messaged and sent flowers and shared posts. Gonna go sit in the dark and sob now.” Click here if you want to order It Starts With Us!