Marching Band’s Win in the Rain


Justin Strichik

The marching band had another win. They went to a competition at Warwick, which was held outside, even though there were storms and rain from the aftermath of the hurricane in Florida. Despite the constant rain and gloomy atmosphere, our marching band shined with passion. In the competition, they got a score of 83.38, the highest score out of all 8 of the bands there. They also won awards for High Percussion, High Auxiliary and Best Overall Effect. 

Playing in the rain is a hard challenge for any band. The rain makes everything wet and slippery which makes it hard for the band to march without slipping. The website, says, “Color guard has a difficult time performing in the rain. My daughter experienced this first hand. Since they are moving and dancing around the field so much and their shoes don’t have as much traction as the other Marching Band members they are more prone to slip and be injured.” Although playing in the rain is challenging, it didn’t affect our Pottsgrove team that much. To the Pottsgrove marching band, the pouring rain was a challenge that they had to deal with, but it was not something that affected how well they played. According to Louis Marsteller, a student in the marching band, “The rain sucked to deal with, but it didn’t affect our performance that much.”

The Pottsgrove Marching Band remains undefeated, and not even pouring rain will stop them. We all look forward to seeing the marching band continue to win and have great performances.