Astros Game One World Series


J.T. Muller

The Houston Astros have won the ALCS Pennant and are headed to the world series after a clean sweep against the New York Yankees. After a regular season record having 106 wins to 56 losses the Astros are still pretty healthy and may be the only team to ever have a perfect record of no losses in the total postseason. The #1 pitcher on the astros is Cristian Javier with an ERA of 1.35 (Earned Run Average) which is really good however after Javier, the next best man is Framber Valdez with an ERA of 1.42 so if pitching alone hasn’t convinced you that Astros have the best chance, let’s look at the batters perspective. After the 2022 World Series the Astros lost to the Atlanta Braves and so by nature the Astros could only improve and become the most predicted team to go to the world series again so not only do the Astros have Alex Bregman who has hit a postseason average of .333 which is similar to Bryce harper hitting a .400 so even though Harpers is almost .70 more it will still be a close matchup between the two. Plus if Bregman hasn’t convinced you Jeremy Peña has a .303 average so if Bregman can’t fight Harper, Peña can definitely help out. Also one of the improvements that the Astros made to make them world series ready was to trade for one of the Baltimore Orioles best players and that man being Trey Mancini which has definitely helped the astros in close games. If anything this world series could be the biggest matchup yet with both teams having star players. No matter what though it doesn’t matter how many star players are on the team, what matters is the score on the board.