Phillies Game One World Series


J.T. Muller

The Philadelphia Phillies have won the NLCS Pennant and are headed to the world series. They will be ready to fight the Houston Astros with all of their best players. The Phillies are stacked on offense this year and it has shown with or without Bryce Harper being injured for part of the season. The only rough area in the Phillies is their pitching. Now don’t get me wrong, Zach Wheeler with an ERA (Earned Run Average) of 2.82 and Aaron Nola 3.25 is really good. After their accomplishments, our pitching starts to fall off, with other pitchers on the team being Ranger Suarez with a 3.66 and Kyle Gibson with a 5.06! The Phillies, however, did not focus on pitching this year. They wanted to take a gamble and put all the chips in on offense. Over the last offseason, the Phillies acquired some key players on the team such as Kyle Shwarber and Nick Castellanos plus, over the trade deadline the Phillies took in Edmundo Sosa and Noah Syndegard. The first two games will be in Houston and afterwards the rest will be in the city of brotherly love at Citizens Bank Stadium. The Phillies have played against some of the toughest teams over this postseason such as the St. Louis Cardinals with star players like Albert Pujols and Nolan Arenado, then going to the Braves who were literally the world series champions last year. On top of that, they beat the San Diego Padres who have some of the best players in the national league being Manny Machado, Fernando Tatis Jr, and even Juan Soto. The Phillies were always picked to lose against these teams but they’ve come up as underdogs in each and every one of them. So, it might not be much of a surprise for sports analysts to predict that the Astros will win the world series, but as long as the Phillies play like they have this postseason, they will be the underdogs yet again.