The Latest in Ukraine

Shea Reisman

People are starting to forget about the war between Russia and Ukraine, but that does not mean the war is over. In the last few days, Russia has heavily ramped up their missile attacks on Ukraine. Ukraine’s leader, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, has shown no fear and is continuing to inflict pain on the battlefield. Experts say that, despite Russia’s strength, they are running low on supplies and are getting desperate. Ukraine on the other hand has had support throughout this conflict and is looking very strong. When this war first emerged, people thought Putin would easily plow through Ukraine. The bravery within Ukraine’s leadership is proving Putin wrong. 


According to, so far, there have been about ten thousand injuries and about six thousand deaths. Not to mention all the people that have gone missing. Monday’s cruise missile attacks from Putin were said to have killed at least 19 people. French Foreign Affairs Minister Catherine Colonna told the French radio that Putin violated the rules of war with the attack. Zelenskyy desperately wants this conflict to be resolved because the past 7 months of war have turned Ukraine into a war-battered country. With the amount of damage Putin has inflicted, the reconstruction of the country and the cities within could take decades. 


The city of Moscow has accused the west of escalating the conflict by supporting Ukraine. If Ukraine didn’t have assistance throughout this battle, their fight against Russia would be a struggle, and possibly even be concluded. The list of foreign aid is long and includes countries like Australia, Canada, Belgium, Denmark, and many other countries. While Russia hasn’t had anywhere near as much help. One of Putin’s only supporters throughout the conflict has been Aleksandr Lukashenko, the leader of Belarus. Lukashenko even teased the idea of sending in his own troops to aid Russia. The rest of the world has hope that soon this battle will come to an end, so there can be peace across Europe.