Halloween Ends


Haley Trump

On Friday, October 14, 2022, Halloween Ends will be shown in theaters at your local cinema center. After forty four years of ongoing Halloween movies from 1978 to 2022, Halloween Ends will be the last chapter to see the revenge of Michael Myers. The Halloween series is directed by John Carpenter and co-writer Debra Hill. 

The Halloween movie series is about a man named Michael Myers, who murdered his sister as a young boy and was then sent to a psychiatric hospital. As the years surpass, after fifteen years Michael Myers has escaped and he is coming back for revenge on his family. As he would taunt the neighborhood, Michael never spoke and he would wear a white mask so no one would know what he looked like. He was not scared of anyone, but everyone knew the man with the white mask. Except for one woman in particular who was not scared of Michael, his biological sister, Laurie Strode. Now in the Halloween movies previously,  the director would leave a suspenseful ending, making it seem like Michael was dead or killed, but somehow he always comes back. Are you going to watch this in theaters and find out if Michael Myers will be gone for good after this final movie? Stay tuned this Friday for Halloween Ends!