Ti West Triology


Ellie Sheller

Filmmaker Ti West seems to be taking the horror industry by storm. Just this March. he released the horror film “X”, with a star-studded cast including Mia Goth, Jenna Ortega, Scott Mescudi (Kid Cudi), and Brittany Snow. Set in 1970s Texas, with a heavy “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” undertone, a group of young filmmakers stay in a secluded farmhouse on the property of an elderly couple’s home. This odd old couple has many hidden twists in store for their guests. Anyways! “X” has a crazy twist (not to spoil anything major) where the main character, Mia Goth, looked identical to the old woman, when she was younger, named Pearl. “X” is a great slasher film that pays homage to the greats that come before it. 

We find out in “X” that Pearl is a murderous old woman… so on September 16th, Ti West released a prequel to “X”, titled “Pearl”. Starring Mia Goth, in the titular role, she also played Pearl in “X” with a lot of special effects to make her look old. Set in 1918, “Pearl” is an incredible character-study and gives great insight into Pearl as a person that we didn’t get to see in “X”. According to Deadline, Ti West confirmed development of a third and final film following “Pearl”, at the premiere of the film on September 12th at Toronto Film Festival. Just days after “Pearl”s release in theaters, production company A24 released the teaser to “Maxxxine” the final film in the trilogy. This teaser has upbeat 80s music playing, while showing the Hollywood sign, but instead of it saying Hollywood, it says Maxxxine. This leads us to believe that this film will follow Maxine, Goth’s character in “X”, as she arrives in Los Angeles in the 80s and will show her kickstart into the entertainment industry. In “X”, we find out that Maxine’s father is a passionate religious pastor and some theories are hoping for more insight on that dynamic. Stay tuned for updates on “Maxxxine”!