Pottsgrove Senior High School Upcoming Musical Anything Goes!


Haley Trump

At Pottsgrove Senior High School this November, the school would like to announce the new upcoming musical Anything Goes! The musical Anything Goes was premiered in 1934, written by Cole Porter. The musical is about an original jazz and tap-dance show. 

The main idea is about an S.S. American sailing from New York to England. I interviewed the musical director, Mrs. Sarah Fritshaffer, and she said,  “There are many people who meet on a boat from a whole bunch of different places going to different locations. There is a lot of suspense and gangster themes and plenty of comedy to keep you laughing the whole time, and a suspenseful love story!” If you are a Pottsgrove Senior Highschool student, and are interested in trying out for the musical, there will be dance workshops to learn tap-dance on the dates, October 17th, 18th, and 19th, from 2:30-5:30. The auditions will be taking place in the month of November and will be released as soon as possible!