Lauren Vaughan

Each year Pottsgrove High School hosts what we call “The Bonfire,” this is an entertaining after-school event where a huge bonfire is lit and school organizations and clubs create their own individual stands providing entertainment and food to the students. It is almost like a commencement for the Homecoming game, The Bonfire runs from 6:30 to 8:30 on October 6th, this Thursday. Students in the clubs get a chance to operate a table and work together with their peers. There is food, activities, and merchandise set up to raise money for their club or group. Cornhole is a fan favorite which NHS sets out. People bring baked goods and put together delicious bags that students can buy for a reasonable price. Raffle baskets are also an option to participate in, so if you like winning prizes, come out and join us! Last year, the cheerleaders did a pie-face challenge/event which raised a lot of money and got people laughing, smiling, and interacting! The way it would work is students threw a plate full of whipped cream in a cheerleader’s face of their choosing. 

This year, we have an awesome DJ, Ty Solis, which students have tons of fun with. There are many dance circle opportunities, so if you like dancing or music, you will love this! Cornhole is back again this year and Kan Jam is the additional activity. Raffle baskets will contain items supporting themes like Movie night, Hawaiian, and Pottsgrove gear. Homecoming is on Friday, the day after The Bonfire, where we will be dressed in our vivid pink-out outfits.

Now let’s talk fire, the fire is insanely tall, almost ten feet tall! Usually for the freshmen, since it is their first time attending, it is surprising to see. We have a fire company there to help keep the fire going and make sure it is safe and we are safe. The fire is definitely a surreal sight to see as it is so enormous and warm! You can feel the heat standing from a hundred feet away!

Make sure you come out to support the school, and more specifically, its clubs! From many students’ feedback, The Bonfire is a stimulating, amusing experience and a perfect time to have fun with your friends outside school! Just don’t forget to bring quarters and a little money, you will need it for the games and food!!